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Nah, the deluxe is fine. The only real downsides are of course the primers on the floor, which is a minor inconvenience at most, and its a little shorter, so you cant do as long of cartridges.... with my deluxe, 30-06 is a minor pain as I have to take the bullet out to move from bullet seating to crimping, but its not really a big deal and adds perhaps 3-5 seconds per cartrige.... Certainly neither of those is worth taking it back to the store.

As for the base filling with primers, a shop vac will suck most of them out.... I wait till I have a few hundred to deprime and do them all in one go, then break out the shop vac and vacuum up the ones on the floor and in the base.....

As for sending it back and getting a classic, why? With the deluxe you get all you need to reload for around $100, then if it really bugs you, for another $100, you can buy a classic.... SO basicaly for the price of a "classic kit", you get two turret presses and everything else you need to reload

Eventually, I will probably get a classic turret, but until I have a one hundred dollar bill I dont need, the deluxe turret will pump out just as good of ammo as the classic would, with only minor inconvenience.....
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