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As a retired NRA instructor I think if you are uncomfortable carrying your gun in full ready condition and are not able and willing to react instinctively to a lethal threat with no hesitation then you should not have a gun. That's OK, you just need to do some soul searching and think about it until you are sure. Self defense isn't for everyone. (although it should be) Our classes always started out with a short discussion about being willing to take a life to defend your own and that decision has to be made before you get to that point. We told them that if anyone had any reservations or any doubt whatsoever about the gravity of the situation to simply leave the class and we would give a full refund for the course. Now you could see the gears going around in their heads but we never had one person ask for a refund. If a criminal sees any hesitation on your part they will attempt to disarm you. They can look in your eyes and tell if you really are willing to use a gun. They are predators and they know how this stuff works.

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