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I'm pretty conflicted about how I started out. my first formal training was in a Chung Do Kwan TKD. to make a long story short, I spent years in that school, achieved a certain amount of satisfaction and recognition in our insulated circle, and went on to get my a** reasonably kicked when I started working out with people from other schools, in other words, people who weren't just stand-up fighters at arm's length. I suppose I knew then how people felt when someone suggested the earth wasn't the center of the universe. talk about an eye opening experience. although I could never say it like this to my peers from that old school, many of whom are still close friends, they really are kidding themselves if they think they're prepared for I know is out there, in other styles.

not to say those were wasted years, not at all. just that I think it would serve a lot of people well if they could clarify for themselves what they think they're doing, and towards what purpose. sport v combat v whatever, etc.

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