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Real life here. At least 5-6 times in 50+ years of carrying, if I had to put a round in the chamber first, I wouldn't be here. Things happen fast.
A couple of times at my shop. At home, I carried the trash out and was firing shots before I got it to the can. Stuff happens! Scary fast!
Helped LEO's make an arrest. Saw a man come up behind the LEO and pull a gun. Due to the situation, mine was already in my hand by my side.
At least 3 times as a RaC, BG's tried to get drop on me and store owner. We drew first.
ATM's? Wife gets out, I draw weapon then and 'guard' until she's finished.
Drawing isn't much of an issue though. See and feel the situation, place hand on weapon and start taking it out 1/2 second before it becomes a fast-draw event. I wish I could explain it better, but I can't. It's all about situational awareness.
Just a few real life events off the top of my mind. I bet my wife could cite a few more.
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