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Originally Posted by FLChinook
Do we all keep ammo in gun safes??

If I bought enough gun safe volume for all my ammo, I'd never be able to afford to buy (or build) more ammo.

When we were adopting a couple of years ago, the adoption social worker who did our home study about had a cow when she found out that I not only own a gun, I actually own GUNZ! (plural). We got through that, then she started on the, "You have to store all the ammunition in locked containers." I pointed out to her that there's no state or Federal law requiring this, and she defaulted to, "But we do."

I picked up a couple of (ab)used steel office-type storage cabinets and slapped padlocks on them. It got us through the home visit/inspection ... I didn't have the heart to tell her they weren't enough to hold all the ammo. I'm sure to her what she saw was an "arsenal" anyway.
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