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22 single action

I think that you should save you money and get a ruger Single Six. I've fired the Heritage and for the money, they are ok but they absolutely do not compare to a Ruger. I bought my son one of the FIE Texas Ranger 3" curved butt revolvers back in 1988 because at the time, I couldn't afford to get him a Ruger Bearcat that he really wanted.

The FIE revolvers are the same as the Heritage and I have to say that his has been fired many thousands of times since I bought it and it is still hanging in there.

This is a pic that I found on the net of the Heritage, my son's 23 year old FIE looks EXACTLY like this one. I would take a picture of his but he lives in South Carolina and I live in KS so...

My Single SIx that I paid less than the sticker price on the Heritage three years ago.

Save up for a used Ruger, you won't regret it.
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