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I like mine, I bought the .357 with crimson trace grips, I really don't like baggy clothing, I find it easy to conceal. I'll carry it on an ankle rig, a King Tuck IWB, or even just drop it in my pocket.

I find it most accurate with heavier bullets, I'll say that with a 158 grain SD load the recoil took some getting used to, in fact if I shoot too may rounds at the range, my hand and trigger finger will be sore.

When I practice at the range, I shoot 158 gr. LSWC (gas checked), it does recoil. Then at the end I'll finish off with 10-15 SD loads.

I use the rubber strip loader, for two reasons. 1, the rubber strip loaded with 6 rounds is easier to pocket than a round revolver speed loader. 2, I cannot find a round speed loader for the LCR, although I haven't really looked on-line.

It's not as fast as an actual speed loader but if 5 rounds doesn't get me out of trouble or buy me enough time to reload, I'm skewered anyway. Plus I have an extra "I don't want to be a zombie bullet".
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