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Thanks for the feedback guys! I guess I measured water that way because that is how I weigh powder. I'll try it in the case and see if any difference. But, I would think if I had water adhering to the case I would get erratic measurements, not so many that were nearly the same.

Thanks Unclenick for confirming about .30-06 and .223. I still find this warning in reloading manuals and wonder how something could be passed around for so long when even cases from 1953 through 2010 do not support this. I haven't loaded .308 for a long time so when I get back to it I will measure those as well.

Anyone have their own case capacity measurements to compare? I would be interested to see how mine correlate and what other headstamps look like. If my capacities change using Peetza's method I'll repost or update the original.
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