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Thank you for your kind remarks. I was actually making reference to many points often brought up in this forum, though not necessarily or directly in this forum.
Ahh, makes much more sense in that light.

I am even surprised at the frequent references to the unreliability of automatic pistols here generally.
I find this puzzling as well. ;-)

And speaking of isolated incidents, virtually all incidents in which a non-law enforcement individual is engaged in the use of a firearm in self-defense is pretty much an isolated incident, is it not? I realize that might be a major point of contention and will separate the believers from the true believers.
Scale, perspective and point-of-observation are important.

The numbers are such that all such incidents are "isolated incidents", when viewed against the backdrop reality that the vast majority will never experience them. That holds true true for LE as well as "mere citizens", BTW. It also holds trued for almost every terrorist incident, automobile accident, railroad disaster or outbreak of disease.

Against the backdrop of all such incidents, patterns tend to emerge. Viewed as such, they are less isolated and more open to both qualitative and quantitative analysis.

If the underlying assumption is "it will never happen to me" or perhaps some entirely imaginary notion of what could happen, that invariably leads to a different set of conclusions than "If it happens to me, how best can I be prepared given the likely range of variables?"

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