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I took several M91s to the range. Shot them with the spam can Russian milsurp stuff I always use. Got home, cleaned them as usual...hotwater down barrel and over bolt assembly, then normal cleaning with Hoppes & light Rem Oil finish. About two weeks later, I goth them out again, was going to sell one or a couple. Pulled the bolts out and checked the bores...LO & BEHOLD ! I had missed cleaning one.... the barrel was full of fuzz. Ran a wet patch thru and it came out covered with rust. So, I cleaned as mentioned above and the bore came out looking as good as before...not bad for a near 100 year old, multi-war rifle. I have since shot it and it still groups pretty good, 3-4" MOA. The rifling isn't shiny or sharp....but I don't see any pitting, which is what I would call heavy rust damage. I have seen some old M91s that were area-pitted to the point where the rifling could barely be seen. Your rifle should be fine.
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