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... People frequently make posts about how an automatic pistol must absolutely, positively and without fail, always be carried with the chamber loaded. Why? Because you are (evidently) not expected to have the use of your other hand just when you need it to charge your pistol. Yet, woe unto you if you dare to attempt shooting with just one hand, for all the reasons offered in this and other threads.
I think you're mixing your metaphors, so-to-speak. The prevailing opinion regarding carrying with one in the pipe (as I understand it) has more to do with time and efficiency, than the required use of two hands to rack & load. There is little to be gained by carrying "unloaded", and potentially much to be lost. There are no one-size-fits-all solutions, but generally speaking, loaded makes more sense and costs one nothing. I am unaware of anyone making both claims in a contradictory fashion such as you propose. If so, let's just charitably suggest that they think it through a bit better, or perhaps train until forever disabused of these notions.

I've yet to hear anyone really claim that ONLY two-handed shooting is effective, or the only skill ever required. It's certainly not a generally accepted notion. How could it be? A moments reflection will reveal that in some cases it would be the only thing possible. As such it appears to be a strawman argument, or perhaps based upon isolated incidents of those lacking suitable common sense.

... Do you realize that people have gone into combat with little more than a couple of days of firearms training and practice? ...
Of course, and their entire operational framework is quite different than that of a lone citizen at the gas station. I'd not be concerned at the Circle K for much of anything, if I were accompanied by even a minimally-trained, platoon-sized entourage carrying select-fire M4 carbines. I can expand on this if you like.

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