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I think there's a difference between common sense and "reason."

A person can sit and ponder a problem, in this case firearms related, and come up with a reasonable solution. In a perfect world, it works just fine. It is perfect at the pistol range, it works well in competition and it brings home the ribbons, the trophies and praise from well-wishers. But it's not a perfect world and the only thing that's wrong here is that in the real world, it lacks common sense.

People frequently make posts about how an automatic pistol must absolutely, positively and without fail, always be carried with the chamber loaded. Why? Because you are (evidently) not expected to have the use of your other hand just when you need it to charge your pistol. Yet, woe unto you if you dare to attempt shooting with just one hand, for all the reasons offered in this and other threads. After all, the target is only eight inches wide, the width of a typical five years old waist level.

Likewise, all of those comments about fast draw, you know, for the walk and draw that all armed encounters begin with, or so I am led to believe. Actually, not many descriptions that I've read sound too unreasonable but they will all usually be accompanied by more than a few dry runs, typically with a few fumbles. Don't say you never dropped a gun in practice or crashed a few gears learning to use a manual gearbox. I did find out, though, that I could learn to drive a right hand drive, six speed manual gearbox, while driving on the left hand side of the drive way in about a half-mile. Nothing to it. Of course, I didn't have to double-clutch and I did on the vehicle I drove for four years.

Do you realize that people have gone into combat with little more than a couple of days of firearms training and practice?

I think you should generally accept that you won't be a trick shot, though no doubt many trick shooters read this forum, but at the same time, it isn't an impossible thing to learn, fast and smooth shooting, even with one hand. I, too, believe you may only have one hand available when the time comes. Now if I just figure out how to make sure it will always be my right hand!

One more thing: don't try holding speedloaders in your mouth.
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