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I've seen some used TC Hawkens for sale for as low as $179 plus shipping, some with a scope mounted.
bigminnow could buy one just for the stock and sell the leftover parts and maybe end up better off than if he kept this damaged eBay stock.

I would ask the seller to reconsider being allowed to keep the damaged stock for $20 - $25 less, or else I would tell him that it will be returned.
It's clear that bigminnow wants to keep the stock, but that damaged stock isn't worth as much on eBay as was paid, so the seller won't recover all of his money either if he tries to sell it again. So he may as well give bigminnow the discount.
He's betting that bigminnow will keep it.
Whereas even if bigminnow bluffs him about returning it, he can always end up simply keeping the damaged stock if the seller won't reconsider offering an "accord and satisfaction" in the form of a partial refund.
It's too bad that bigminnow may be taking a loss on 2 stocks in a row.

Info. about accord & satisfaction:

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