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SS215 You may want to stop carrying until you resolve your issue. All the while you may consider seeking more training / practice that will help you become more comfortable / confident with whatever you carry.

Consider this in the meantime. What are you willing to give up if attacked by a bad guy, in a car jack, at an atm, in the park. Crazed Maniac, Masked Gunman, and Junkie Stick Up Kid have no concern for time or place, they don't consider things like low crime areas or even playgrounds. The fact is they strike in those kinda places thinking it would be easier to get away after all nobody would shoot them at a playground, right.

For me, everyday all the time, meaning from the time I wake up and get dressed till I go to sleep, I have a gun on my person. I made a choice to stay out of places that don't allow carry, only exceptions are church and my sons school and in both case I leave it in the lock box in the truck. At home in the evening I take my watch off, cell phone, but not the gun. That's the choice I made. To me it's an all or not at all commitment.

The sad part is something had to happen to me and persons close to me before I got it. The city I live in is very dangerous, to the 10th power dangerous. Everybody carries, ( or almost ) bad guys, granny, dizzy college chick, wheelchair Willie, sicence geek, Pastor Do rite, everybody, so I'm not gonna be the one without a gun if something goes down. In that kinda enviroment you better be mentally ready and your gun ready for use, i.e. cocked. Sounds to me your not there yet.
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