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How Fast ?
How fast should your string of shots be in between trigger pulls to be combat effective into a bad guy trying to kill you . Take into account newer people not soldiers who would have much more adrenaline during a fatal shooting. Any ideas people ?
If you mean how much time between "controlled pairs", "double taps", or "hammers"; I would suggest trying to get to around 0.25 seconds.

I find that I can accurately deliver two aimed shots with a 0.35 seconds all day at 5 yards. When I'm "in practice" I can get it to 0.25. When I'm having a "good day" I can crowd 0.20 seconds.

If this is what you can do consistently in practice; it is likely that you will do what you practice if the time comes.

A shot timer can really bring the reality of how slow or fast you are.
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