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In a full length (5" barrel), 1911, for the money, I'd say Ruger. I've owned Colts for almost 50 yrs now, and loved them all, but the Ruger SR1911 is better right out of the box than any of the Gold Cup .45's I've owned and handled over the yrs. It's that good.

Great features without turning it into some sort of mall ninja space gun; to whit: Beveled mag well, two magazines furnished, stainless steel construction, target grade adj. trigger, humped and beavertailed grip safety, extended thumb safety and mag release button, Novak sights, 1911 mainspring housing ( not arched), and a checkered back only wish for was that they would have checkered the front strap as well...and that's it...I love the gun.

And for $650 to $750 when you find them, they are beyond compare. I'm close to 2500 rounds through mine now with nearly 100% hand loads with lead alloy bullets have mis-fed a cpl of times...but the gun is 100% with factory ammunition...round ball or JHP's. To get that kind of a 1911 will cost you the price of the gun and another $400-$500 in gunsmithing charges. Ruger did well with this one and spent their money on building a great gun, not on gun magazine advertising slick pictures, and no hoopla about needing 200-300 rounds to "break it in properly".

The pic below shows some handloads and one of the first targets shot with the new piece. I shot it Weaver Stance, 15 yds, shooting controlled pairs. The hard ball groups were even better.

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