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Bob Wright

I have a pretty good concept of how a potential hold-up/car jacking attempt might unfold in my area, none of which invloves an assailant displaying a gun from eight or ten feet away from me and allowing me the luxury of a methodical draw, rotate, thrust and fire technique.
You either misunderstand or mischaracterize the technique's "presentation" as having a methodical draw, which infers slow.

Fast and slow are somewhat relative.

Many good shooters using the modern technique can do the Dozier Drill in 3 seconds. The Dozier Drill consist of starting with the shooter facing away from 5 Pepper Poppers which are 5 yards away. On a random signal the shooter must turn and knock down all 5 targets. Time starts on the signal and ends on the last shot. Three (3) seconds to turn, draw, and fire 5 aimed shots. Part time is 5 seconds. Three seconds is fast, to me.

Bob consider how long it took you to gain the skill you have now with a single action handgun. I am guessing you have practiced for at least one hundred hours? If you put in a couple of dozen hours trying a different technique you could begin to see whether it has some value for you.

I admit I'll never approach the speed of Bob Munden who is an incredible shot with a single action handgun. I think he gets off two shots in under 0.50 seconds. But he does not used a rig for concealed carry.
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