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Re when you carry: You are attempting to predict something that you have already admitted is unpredictable. By deciding to carry at all, you are saying that you can be a crime victim at a time and place you don't expect it, otherwise you would not go there at that time. Telling yourself there are times and places where you are invulnerable is an illogical reversal of your prior reasoning.

Re carrying chambered: I, too, carry a G26, and I have for about 3-1/2 years. (I previously carried a revolver.) In all the times that you have carried chamber empty, has it ever gone click? Have you ever unholstered it to find that the trigger was in the rear position? I can tell you that mine never has - because I carry chambered I would definitely know it.

There is no reason that you can't carry chamber empty until you trust yourself and your handgun. People who say that the gun is useless in that condition are engaging in hyperbole; the fact of the matter is that there are many types of holsters - tuck holsters, ankle holsters, belly bands, and kangaroo-style holsters, to name a few - that also either require two hands or delay the presentation as much as racking the slide. None of those methods of carry receive the same kind of criticism as empty-chamber carry on boards like this one. But it is equally undeniable that your firearm is most accessible with the least chance of delayed presentation by carrying it chambered. If you are carrying in a well-maintained holster that covers the trigger, the Glock 26 is safe to carry in that manner.
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