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I normally carry a .38 special during the day and Springfield Armory XD 45 at night. The XD always has one in the chamber. There is an infamous video of a jeweler who pulls a semi-auto on a robber and never gets a shot off because there was no round in the chamber and the safety was on. The jeweler was shot several times by the robber, but fortunately survived. One must understand that pistols like Glocks, Springfield Armory's XD series, Kahrs, and some others are designed to be carried with one in the chamber. Similar to a revolver, the only way these semi-autos can be fired, is if the trigger is pulled. I went through a similar internal conflict about whether or not to carry with one in the chamber. I finally concluded that given the stress that will come with a real life armed robbery attempt, that fractions of seconds may be the difference between life or death. Ultimately, you have to choose what is best for you.
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