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Its not that I dont trust my Glock trigger, or my holster, or my own judgement, I just cant get beyond the thought of having a round chambered sitting at my hip in general.
I don't think any of us can identify specifically what makes you uncomfortable, but if you're able to do that it will likely go a long way to you being comfortable with the idea.

Another way to consider the condition 1 vs Israeli or ND vs perceived safety. You are in complete control of having or not having an ND while carrying condition 1. If something happens, 99.99%(yes it is a made up number, but it illustrates the point) of the time it was you. The remaining tiny fraction of a chance would fall under true AD, which with a glock(or most modern pistols) so many things would have to happen for that to even be possible. Conversely, you have almost no control of the time/place/manner in which you may need to use your pistol. Which seems riskier? Trusting yourself to follow the guidelines of carrying safely, or hoping that if you need to defend yourself and/or your family you'll be able to rack the slide?

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