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SS215, that 1-year-old is reason enough to carry 24/7. With that said, I went through some of the same processes when I first started carrying. First, I carried when I thought "I needed to," such as when I'd be working late downtown. Then I realized that folks do get robbed in broad daylight, even if it's less common than in the dead of night. I also realized that I rarely had my daughter downtown in the dead of night, but often had her with me during the day. So I started carrying (almost) full-time.

Then there was the issue of whether to carry with one in the chamber. I, too, was uncomfortable with that for a while. However, there's a youtube video out there somewhere that demonstrates how long it takes to chamber a round when one is under attack. It isn't pretty, and that's assuming that you have full use of both hands. Still, I carried without one in the chamber for a while. Once I got used to that, I stepped up to carrying with one in the chamber.

IOW, I think what you're doing can be seen as a natural progression. Folks that have never carried are unlikely to walk out one day, buy a Glock, 3 extra mags, holsters, strap it all on and go to the grocery store. I think the 48-hour suggestion is a good one. Perhaps when the 1-year-old is off with other relatives? That way, you can do the "Loaded 48 Hours" without so much worry about him. Oh, and make sure your holster is in good shape, so that there's nothing to get shoved into the trigger guard when holstering or sitting.
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