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World's finest trimmer question

I bought the little crow gun works "world's finest trimmer" and I'm having some serious issues with it, despite having great reviews on midway USA.

Here's the problem: I'm trimming resized .223 brass. It indexes off of the shoulder of the case. I'm trimming to 1.750... but some of the brass comes out 1.730ish, some will be at 1.775 and it won't trim anything off of it.

Obviously I cannot shoot something that is so long. I'm using once fired military brass, (lake city, and other headstamps) and it's just being useless. Any ideas on how this may be remedied or what i'm doing wrong here?

I don't have tons of money to spend on fresh lapua brass, or the time to sort through each head stamp and sort 6,000 cases and adjust the trimmer accordingly.

My steps are in this order. Lube>resize>decap>trim

This is so frustrating. Starting to wonder if a dillon 1200b might work.

They should at least put a disclaimer to use all of the same headstamp or it's practically worthless...sorry, venting.

Help anyone?
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