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Good posts, thanks. Ive struggled with this anxiety for years and still cannot come to grips with a solid answer. Obviously I get way more anxiety about a chambered round in my Glock than deciding WHEN to carry. I like the 48 hour idea to move beyond my anxiety....and learn to trust myself and my Glock 100%. Its not one or the other, its both I guess.

All I know is that Im a guy who subscribes to the idea that anything can happen, anywhere, even if its not probable. Thats why Im making an effort and seeking advice from guys who commit to this lifestyle 100%. That being said, I use excuses such as low crime areas and family gatherings to have reason to lock it up for the time being.

So, I would certainly like to make a stronger effort to carry more often. Then, Ill work on having a fully loaded firearm while carrying. Thats why I appreciate the feedback on here...I only have 2 buddies who own and (occasionally) carry guns so its hard to get actual feedback from their experiences.
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