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For instance when I take my 1 year old the the local playground (my neighborhood is very low crime), family get togethers, etc. I talk myself out of it because I assure myself there is no need to carry there.
Crime does not follow a schedule and knows no boundaries. Crime can happen any place and at any time. I prefer to not roll the dice, so I carry when ever and where ever I can. The old cliché "When you only have seconds, the police are just minutes away" is worth considering when deciding on your commitment to your self sufficiency and personal protection. "Low crime" does not equal "no crime".

I have convinced myself that taking a second to rack the slide in a situation doesnt weigh as strong as having an accident with a loaded pistol.
I know many people who carry Israeli style. I believe the opposite in terms of risk management. I personally carry condition one because I am not in the habit of drawing my weapon from it's holster and re-holstering when I am carrying.

I believe that Israeli style can become an issue because of the possibility that I may be in a position where I may not have time to rack the slide or I may not have the free hand to do it. Sure, I can 'hook' my rear sights on my belt or pocket to facilitate racking the slide, but that could be problematic if my free arm/hand is injured or if I am otherwise fending off an attacker with my free hand. I prefer condition one carry because all I need to do in that kind of a situation is draw and fire my weapon.
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