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I hear ya Ben, I suppose I am looking for more affirmations like the one you just made about assuming NOWHERE is "too safe" to carry to help my stigma about carrying 24/7 (execpt work). Its a very difficult mental block to overcome for me. Im a 6+ year shooter...not a beginner at this point but far from seasoned...and only in the last 2-3 years have become more active, dedicated to carrying, and improving as a prepared shooter in various situations. I used to just keep my guns locked up in a safe 6 days out of the week and bring it out for range trips. So, Ive come a long way in the last 2-3 years.

Its not that I dont trust my Glock trigger, or my holster, or my own judgement, I just cant get beyond the thought of having a round chambered sitting at my hip in general.

Ive tried it a few times and I tend to fixate on it....making me lose focus on other things. Is it just a time & acquired practice sort of ability to do this? I struggle with both scenarios every single day.
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