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When you fully commit to a (loaded) carry lifestyle

I'm still warming up to this notion....that my firearm fully becomes part of my daily routine everywhere I go, except my workplace because I cant. I carry about 75% of the time but cant seem to commit 100%. I have a mental stigma attached to carrying ALL the time. For instance when I take my 1 year old the the local playground (my neighborhood is very low crime), family get togethers, etc. I talk myself out of it because I assure myself there is no need to carry there.

Anyways I find myself having a lot of internal conflict over this argument...which is WHEN DO I LEAVE IT AT HOME? I am finding that I am basically setting rules for myself so I dont question the same darn scenarios over and over....week after week.

For those of you out there who carry 24/7 is there EVER truly a time that you say to yourself there is no need to pack your sidearm...other than sleeping and showering?

Also, I cannot move beyond my comfort level of having my firearm loaded with a round chambered. I carry my G26 which obviously has no external safety....just a trigger safety and common sense. I have convinced myself that taking a second to rack the slide in a situation doesnt weigh as strong as having an accident with a loaded pistol.

I would like to be as comfortable and safe as possible while carrying. Anyone have advice to weigh in with on either side? Does it basically boil down to personal comfort...or is there a STRONG opinion as to why a person should carry a loaded, chambered pistol 24/7?
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