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Seems to be part of the price you have to pay. Ideally you are practicing all the needed techniques at other times and getting lots of shooting in while the match is only proving (or disproving) that your practice has made you bettter. But most of us only have just so much time we can devote to shooting......

I shot USPSA about 15 years ago and came to the same realization. 4 hrs of time invested (resetting steels, brassing and taping and watching others BS) for 4 minutes of shooting for the day. I chose to use my discretionary gun time to RO at a club indoor range rather than work on my USPSA skills at a different range.

2 weeks ago I went to a IDPA-style zombie-shoot match. 5 stages, 55 shooters. While it was good fun the match took 5 hours and my mid-pack shooting times meant that I spent about 6 minutes with a loaded gun in my hand for the day. (If I was slower I'd have had more gun time :-) It was fun, but I don't enjoy watching others shoot enough to make it a regular activity.

There's probably a fine line between having too few shooters to make the match meaningful and having so many that it takes forever to get your turn.
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