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Your hammer to slide allingment looks as mine did. I suspect as long as the slide does not drag on the hammer it's considered normal and a consequence of the design. With slide and grips off you can see there is not much to position the hammer any other way. Having looked at many yours does not look any worse than average.

I think the hammer position is not responsible for most or all of your observed issues.

It looks from your pictures that the rounds are nose diving-- not even hitting the feed ramp in a tip up position to flow into the chamber. Mine did that as well which is what led me to mess around with magazines, springs and followers.

Holding the mag you may note that the follower is floppy tends to deflect down at the front, I think this is an issue. In a short amount of time / space that is available in the cycle of the gun it's not getting to the critical geometry to feed.

If this is best fixed with a better follower or tweaking the feed lips I do not know. I tried both and never got to 100%. close was as a 4 round mag, very stiff mag spring and anti tilt follower.

I do know from the 1911 a ton of feed issues get solved with a better magazine. Sadly there is no Wilson mag for the amt
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