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Back in the day when I had a public range to shoot at I picked up ever piece of 9mm brass I could get my hands on and everything else for that matter. Even though at the time I didn't own a 9 mm like I do now I had a 9 x 18 Mak. that I converted cases to from once fired 9mm brass,those little guns can really throw the brass out there.

Brass is one of the expensive parts of reloading any cartridge even once fired that you buy but free is free so when you loose one you have lost nothing and since I cast my own bullets for ever cartridge I shoot and have for years my bullet cost is basically 0 to 2.5 cents if I use a gas check bullet.

I probably have more 9mm brass that I can ever wear out I don't loose much either as I use a knockdown net that I run along a cable down my shooting lane to knock my brass down especially the 9 x 18 cases.

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