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You will fight in the same manner that you train. This has been proven over and over again throughout the ages.

Having in your mind what you will do in a gunfight is nothing new. Expecting to do the exact actions you are thinking about is wishful thinking at best--because (as it also has been proven), the best battle plan goes straight to hell when the first shot is fired.

So, how should you train?

Train so that you can draw your weapon, under any circumstance that you can duplicate, and put accurate rounds on target as fast as it is possible to do so.

Practice your draw stroke. The part where you move your hands to your chest was meant to get your hand out of the way of your own gun. It does you no good to shoot yourself as you draw.

The method of placing a closed fist next to your chest is meant to try to maintain your balance while firing. This is like boxing--only you're punching with your handgun instead of your fist.

Practice while standing. Practice while walking. Practice from the ground--prone, rollover prone, side, strong hand, support hand.

Your body is the platform--just as the cannon on a main battle tank, you serve at that time as a platform for your weapon, and you are servicing targets.

Practice both instinctive and sighted shooting.

And--practice a LOT. Get your holstered pistol, clear ALL ammunition from your area, put a target on the wall, and draw. Do it slow--but make it steady and smooth. Steady will be smooth. Smooth will turn into fast.

Try to practice your draw 100 times a day--nonstop--for 30 days. When your holster gets soft and floppy, get a good, quality holster, and practice with it.

After you practice that draw stroke, head to the range. Load with one round at a time, and draw and fire on a target at about 50 yards away.

Why so far?

If you can hit the target at 50 yards, you'll be able to write your name at 7 or 10.

Do all of that as you study your State's law, contact your local prosecutor for explanations concerning self defense.

And hope fervently that you never, ever have to draw a firearm on another human being with lethal intent. Remember well the phrase: Si vis pace, para bellum.
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