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Nice to see another Floridian in here!!

Boyd's Riflestocks is turning into my Go-To home for wood stocks for Marlins.
They DO require some final fit & finishing, so be prepared. WATCH THEIR VIDS on the subject...highly important.
While most of 'em are more or less drop-in...Each rifle is slightly different, as is each stock...
so be prepared to Bed or Pillar Bed the action to the stock for best results!!

I've never had a bedded rifle give me any issues that weren't ammo-related...takes a lot of guesswork out of the equation!!

Note that your 917 is of the 900-series, so the 800/900/& XT22 stocks all fit.
also the old 782 .22WMR stocks will fit also...
the T-900 trigger system was a little chunky compared to the 782/882, so expect a little inletting if going backwards compatable...
Numrich has a small selection of OEM stocks and a few OEM laminates...
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