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Bill Carson
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I've been shooting a pedrsoli m1859 3 band rifle for the past year. here are some things I've learned. I'm using a 540 hollow base minney, lubed with a beeswax, lard, and olive oil mix. i find 50 grains of goex 2f do well for 50-100 paper and silhouettes. point of aim is hard to describe ,everboboy sees sights differently. it is very inportant to use the hottest caps available. those would be 'no.1081 dynamit nobels'. the sharpes flash channel is complex, lesser caps won't generate enough fire to reach the powder. as it is, I've had to rework mine. I drilled the nippel to 5/64th, same for the flash nozzel in the center of the breech block. the breech itself is harden. to improve that channel, I used a very small rotrory file ,using the clean out screw to access as much of the channel as possible. i used a micro cherry to round some of the channel corners. this combination has made the riflel 99.9% reliable. even the originals had issues relating to the flash channel. next, before going out to the shoot I coat the face of the breech block with pam (careful, don't get any in the flash channel). doing so will help keep the block from jamming from powder fowling. using lighter loads and pam, I'm able to fire 25-40 rounds with out stopping to clean. note, humid weather helps, dry cold weather puts it back to 25 rounds apx. paper cartriges are the way to go. its amazing the rate of fire these are capable of. there are plenty of sights on paper cartridge making (including this one). no need to repeat. I load mine with a tool I made. the tool is loaded at the bench with projectel, powder, and cap. once on the line the tool is put in to the open breech just as you would a met. cartridge. Then, pushing the plunger forward puts the load into the chamber. closing the breech block seals in the charge and kicks the tool up and out of the way much as a spent cartridge . the end of the tool holds 1 musket cap. it is pushed down on the nipple, leaving the cap. it takes less time to do this than reading my description. hope these tips will help.
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