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Back when the .25 WSSM was new on the market, I bought a Model 70 Featherweight. I was so impressed with how well it functioned and how accurate it was, I ordered a case of ammo to build brass inventory, and put it away until my son comes of age. Real nice little set-up, no reliability issues whatsoever. Carries well, shoots like a dream, and looks nice, to boot.

Fast-forward a while, I saw another WSSM, the little .223. Some sort of camo-synthetic overmolded stock configuration. Thought it would make a neat little coyote rifle, and grabbed that one, too. Brought it home & put a 4.5 x 15 Conquest on it, and never fired it. Sits in the safe next to the .25 WSSM, but I'm not sure why? I guess it's just hard to admit that you've wasted a few hundred dollars on a whim. Six boxes of factory ammo getting old on the shelf, too. Guess I should start working them, or sell them?
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