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I have LnL but not the Ammo Plant (it's basically the bullet feeder plus case feeder). It is my understanding that the bullet feeder can only be used with pistol bullets but that a rifle adapter is coming soon.

As far as having to stop to lube rifle bullets... I use an aerosol can to lube a couple dozen all at once. I use Hornady's but there are other spray lubes that work just as well and are probably cheaper. I've loaded well over 1000 rounds with one can and it's still going strong. I just lay them out and run the spray over them real quick. I spray 25 or 50 at a time then load them up. When I run out I spray some more. None of this stopping to lube cases nonsense.

Your biggest time consumer with .223 is going to be case prep. This is independent of your press. PA-Joe is correct when he says that crimped primer pockets are a pain; they will destroy primers. My setup allows me to case prep each case once then I can reload them until they crack, so after that initial case prep it's smooth sailing.

As far as .45, I usually just go until I run out of a component.
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