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TX Hunter ... familiar story. The real answer to long time shooting of Milsurps is going to have to be reloading ... or folks like Privi for a limited number of calibers. I've gone both routes, but my major emphasis is reloading. While in the earliest days I had to resort to doing my own cartridge conversions exclusively, I've been a big fan and customer of Dave Gullo at Buffalo Arms from the time he was working out of his kitchen (and we both have a good laugh about those early days). Yes, custom brass can be pricey ... but if you are careful about picking up your fired brass and reasonable about pressures when reloading ... I've gone 10+ reloadings from the same cases. Since he came on the scene, shooting Milsurp rifles and pistols in long gone calibers has been made easy. That and having a die maker like Dave Davison and his son, Brian. If you want to shoot a wierd caliber ... CH4D is the place to go. Heck, with his help I can now even shoot my Troop Trials P-13 in .276 Enfield ... talk about RARE BIRD! I remember fondly the good old days of Paragon (and have a ton of 7.62X51 still), the days of cheap CMP .30-06 and .30 Carbine, good old HXP 303! Sadly, those days are gone forever and you gotta' believe that there are limited supplies of other calibers. Notice how rarely you see 7.62 X 45 Czech is today?

Sure, I don't expect 7.62 X 54R or 7.62 X 39 or 7.62 X 51 NATO or even 7.92 X 57 to do the vanishing act any time soon since the first three are currently in use and there seems to be good East European sources for the fourth ... but the days of .10/round have left the station.
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