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Fusion - I'm in WA state. Most of the Sportsmans Warehouse stores up here were sold to some outfit out of Canada. This includes the store in the Spokane area that I often go to (I can never recall the new store name - and am in the habit of still calling them 'Sportsmans Warehouse'.) I see that the Savage package with the Nikon scope is a regular item listed on the Savage website. So I'll do some checking around. I might even pick up a .30-06 in stainless. Right now up in the Pacific NW we're experiencing lots of rain. I like the big game hunting accuracy and the Accu-trigger on the Savage rifles. It would be nice to have a rifle combo for really nasty weather that a guy doesnt have to worry about messing up or maintaining so much. Can leave the pretty wood & blued rifles at home. Regards, - -
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