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My experiences at gun shows lately have been that most of the space is taken up by a dozen vendors selling the same Chinese made accessories and knives as the other booths, with a bunch of Magpul stuff on the side. Other booths tend to be the guys selling anti Obama tshirts, Nazi memorabilia, more Chinese made 40lumen "tactical lights", crazy knives of no utility value, beef jerky, and some leather holsters here and there. there are usually about 4 or 5 gun vendors, which sell beatup old rifles, and the standard assortmentof AR's. The two or three handgun tables have about 12 1911's, and a thousand guns from Taurus, Glock, and some Springfield XD's. Prices are the same if not more than the local shops. Their nylon gear selection has been crap, the quality of the merchandise in general has been crap. Ended up buying the pistol light I was looking for from a local shop in the end.

IDO occasionally find good ammo deals. last one I went to I ended up with 200 .308rounds for 90bucks (old as dirt but still shoot nice), and 500 .40 rounds for 115.

The ammo prices though really haven't warranted a burning desire for me to return to this upcoming gun show. The shop I buy ammo at sells at or below gunshow prices anyway.
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