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'Multiple' Gun Purchases ?

Please pardon me guys if this question has been answered in the past. I've just spent about 40 minutes trying to find the information I'm looking for - but the posts were either old or not relevant.

Recently, when in a gun shop, one of the employees said that "if someone bought more than one gun over a period of less than a week, that could send up a 'red flag' " We were discussing the NICS instant background check, so I assumed that he was saying someone doing this could have the approval delayed or denied. (I've never had any delays and have been buying firearms for decades.)
I've heard that some people space out their purchases over time for this reason. I also read that this only refers to handguns.
I recently bought a CZ .22 LR rifle and will have another rimfire rifle that I ordered arriving about 6 days later (but to a different gun shop).
I would greatly appreciate it if anyone could please clear this up for me. What defines 'multiple' purchases (and over what time frame) and does it have any impact on the instant check ? Thank you - - -
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