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Sulaco2 I'm not surprised. I suspect anyone that has one that doesn't work will try to "unload" it at one of these kinds of venues - especially since smaller .45s are being produced by other manufacturers. I'm coming around to the way of thinking that even buying a new gun should come with a trial period at the range, where if not satisfied, can be returned for full refund.

Skans That is how it came to me. I suspect the atrocious misalignment of the slide/firing pin/hammer/frame is the reason the firing pin was broken before I fired the first round. I think the center-of-mass of the hammer coming down to strike the left side of the firing pin, resulted in a force vector that forced the firing pin sideways to the right instead of straight down center. I also think the gouging of the hammer into the metal of the left side of the frame, results in a timing delay on slide/hammer blowback, and rechambering a new round. Also, since the top of the hammer is centered to the left of the slide on blowback, its force must be lifting the left side of the slide in relation to the right side. Maybe that is causing the misfeed resulting in the live round stovepipe seen in the photo above.
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