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I've owned an SLP for 3 years. I've run it alongside a Benelli and it works equally as well with less recoil. You'll find a lot of 3-gun shooters using the SLP if that matters.

I have the 18-inch barrel and a 28-inch barrel for mine and use it occasionally for trap. My suggestion would be to send it to SRM Performance Products for installation of a Sure Cycle system and have them do a reliability tune-up if you want the ultimate in performance out of it.

They will install the Sure Cycle recoil system and modify the gas pistons to eliminate the spring inside the piston. They will also lap the bolt and receiver. With the SRM work, I use the heavy gas piston and the gun will run 1 oz #8 shot trap loads through Brenneke Black Magic slugs without changing the piston.

I would also suggest using a Briley IVNX2-SK choke that is a rifled diffusion choke if you're going to use it for defensive purposes. It patterns buckshot better than a smooth cylinder bore or improved cylinder choke.

I've shot Hevi-Shot Home Defense rounds, #1 buckshot, #00 buckshot, standard slugs, and Winchester 12 gage PDX1 rounds through it.

I have a friend who is a shotgun afficiando who has Brownings and Berettas, including a Beretta UGB25 EXcel 2-shot automatic, and his original Browning A5, along with a number of over / under trap and sporting clays guns - and he loves the SLP.

For what it's built to do - it's a runner.

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