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I remember when I first started shooting 9mm about 10 years ago. You could get a box for $2.50 at Academy. Now the price is just crazy... $14 or $15 for fifty at Cabelas.

I picked up a Beretta 92 on the cheap last year. It came with 300 or 400 rounds but they are all gone now. I will be reloading for this caliber for sure. I can load Berry's 115's over W231 for $6.50 per box.

I'll save the $8 or $9 bucks per box, thank you.

I was out at Front Sight last week and bought Magtech 115's for $11 or $12.

By the way, I will buy any extra 9mm brass you have.

Ready to talk guns and hunting after my yearly summer hiatus. Glad to be back!

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