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1. Where does the little black plastic square ratchet go?
Its already installed, the one you have is an extra provided in case you strip it out. (read on)

2. The turret does not currently index all the way -- just turns slightly.
You might have already stripped out the ratchet. It goes in the black thing attached at the top of the ram, take out the screw and check to see if its stripped, if it is, put in the spare and order some more. If you move the handle down part way (ram up part way) , then try to turn the turret by hand, you will strip the ratchet, Its only safe turn the turret by hand with the auto index installed if the ram is all the way up or all the way down. (its also safe on the upstroke AFTER you hear the "ping" of the index bar falling back down, or on the downstroke BEFORE the turret starts turning, but to be safe, I only do it when its all the way up or all the way down.)

3. Placement of the shell holder -- why do I have two of them?
It goes into the slot in the top of the ram, One came with your die set, if you have two the other might have come from a lee trimmer.

4. The indented groove on the large ram tube does not align properly with the insert on the base casting -- I'm not sure how to adjust that.
Its not supposed to align, you are good. If you prime on the press with the included little primer arms, you will see why, otherwise, dont worry about it.

5. There is this silver washer thing in a weird shape -- have no idea where that goes.
Me either! apparently, its not too important, as I have never missed it.... its in my spare parts drawer though.....
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