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Well went to the range again. Thought I would update the debate as far as accuracy goes. Ive decided I would not use either the SMK or the A-Max for hunting. I will keep my SST load but may try the Interbonds instead. I would love to tr Bergers or Barnes but they are expensive

4-shot groups
A-Max load .275" best, average= .57" Had one group that went weird. Barrel was reeeeally dirty and COLD (not hot, cold) -1.3" I wanted to actually test POI vs SMK and shot 2 hours later without cleaning. So dirty and cold

SMK averaged .62" but was more consistent, meaning no super tight groups and no large ones. Never had a group smaller than .344 for any day at the range

O and I dont touch noslers anymore, they dont shoot worth a darn in my rifle for some reason.
My SST 165gr shot 2 groups, 1 at .55" and 1 at .688" so the SSTs seems to be as accurate as the other two in my rilfe

1 federal walmart 150gr cheap stuff group- right at 1"

POI: Sighted in for SMK ,A-Max seemed to shoot about 1" to the left of the SMK and the SST shot about 1" to the left of SMK as well. The federal cheap stuff shot about 1" high of SMK

ALSO, I loaded up rounds measure at OAL and O-give length and turns out that for both the a-max and SMK the ones measured with OAL, not O-give preformed much better..... weird?

I understand that when I shoot game, I want it to drop dead with little meat damage. I dont want to put the game through more pain then necessary so I will stay with bullets designed for hunting
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