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im a huge fan of vortex. has everything that leupold has, and a better warranty to boot.
I have a great pair of Vortex binoculars. Bought a couple of their scopes because of the great binoculars. Quickly sold them. A few things to remember. Vortex has some of the clearest glass for the money, but.... A Vortex Diamondback is comparable to a Leupold VX-1 and only $10 cheaper. The Vortex Vipers are comparable to the VX-3's and about the same price.

I'll take the Leupold any day over the Vortex. The Leupold is 4-6 oz lighter and up to 2" shorter depending on the model. The Leupold has almost 5" of eye relief compared to only 3-3.5" on the Vortex scopes.

And the deal killer. The Vortex scopes had a thick black ring around the outside edge of the scope obstructing a large part of the image. Leupolds have only a tiny thin black ring that is barely noticeable when viewing through them.

I don't know howmuch better Vortex's warranty could be. Send any Leupold back, no matter how old, no matter who originally bought it and they'll fix it. No questions asked.
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