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Thanks for you guys interest... MRS. Magnum is quite paranoid, so you won't likely see too many, if any pics, you'll have to rely on my descriptions... ( If momma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy ) unfortunately, as I'm laying out placement, I'm already seeing that the $16,000.00 of just concrete & steel, did not buy me enough space to display everything the way I wanted to...

I'll be using 2" X 4" or possibly 2" X 6" boards, that match the tonge & groove paneling with 1/2" holes drilled for wood pegs in 2 rows to hang everything on... 2 boards for rifles, a single board for rows of handguns ( likely the 2" X 6" for handguns )... so I'll be using 1/2" diameter wood pegs at a slight angle to display any of the guns on the wall

longer shotguns, single shot rifles & muzzleloaders will on a wheeled 6ft double sided vertical rack in the middle of the room...

since I'll be using this as my loading area, & I reload around 70 different cartridges, ( I'm still trying to decide how / where to put the Thompson Contenders )... the loading bench, ( room for 2 single stage presses & one progressive ) & all the ammo, empties, bullets, powder, & primers, as well as boxes of loading dies, & basic tools, also including a lead melting pot, bulk lead, & several bullet molds... a good portion of the room ( probably 1/2 of the room ) gets eaten up by the "reloading stuff"... wish I could have come up with another $16,000.00 I'd love to have it twice as big as what I ended up with
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