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Complete Newb needs help setting up Lee Turret

Hi all,

I'm brand new to reloading and have a few questions regarding the set-up of my Lee Deluxe 4 Hole Turret Press Kit With Auto Index. I'm having a hard time following the included instructions. Does anyone know if there is a more detailed setup guide or video anywhere?

I feel like a lot of these answers will be pretty simple, so if anyone can throw me a bone here -- I'd really appreciate it. Some questions I have:

1. Where does the little black plastic square ratchet go?
2. The turret does not currently index all the way -- just turns slightly.
3. Placement of the shell holder -- why do I have two of them?
4. The indented groove on the large ram tube does not align properly with the insert on the base casting -- I'm not sure how to adjust that.
5. There is this silver washer thing in a weird shape -- have no idea where that goes.

Again, any help would be greatly appreciate -- seems like this should be fairly simple and straight forward -- just can't seem to figure it all out.

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