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I will second the "wow" with a 229. I have owned quite a few semi's, and nothing has impressed me more with ergonomics, fit and finish, quality, and awesome shootability as the 229..mine is in 9mm...

I still favor my Glock 23 for ccw, but thats based mostly on my proficiency with it, the light weight and smaller dimentions, and the fact that I have put probably 10x the amount of amo downrange with Glocks than all of my other guns combined. However, I got me a Sig 229 Extreme a short while back, and it like finally owning a Ferrari. Of the guns I have actually owned or shot extensively, Sig makes a handgun that is second to none. The 229 is one of thier best. I am so impresed with mine, and like shooting it so much, that I have considdered going with Sig for all of my guns.
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