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Um... depends

1st off... should this have read... " what is the better all around revolver cartridge" ??? neither cartridge a revolver makes...

2nd... Um... I can fit my 45 in my pocket ( though I prefer a holster for a more secure carry )

if you are "one gunning it" & not a handloader... I think the 357 more versitile, as you can practice with 38 Specials, & there are lots of 357 Mag options, & both single & double action revolvers...

if you are a handloader, I think the 45 Colt is every bit as versitile, & can go maybe a little further in the big / dangerous game catagory... I load 45 Colt at 3 levels, cowboy, self defense, & hot hunting loads... my hot hunting loads I'm sure are going to offer more stopping power on big game ( & probably humans ) than the 357...

if you are buying ammo locally only... 357 may be the only practical way to go...
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