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That's what I did. I picked up a Colt LE6920 for under 1100. If I drove 30 miles I could have saved $30. But without even saying anything to the guy that sold it to me, when I stuck a boresnake and 3 boxes of 5.56 FMJ ammo on the counter he did three things. He adjusted the price on the boresnake to $0.00, asked what I wanted the ammo for, and when I said range ammo he told me I had the wrong stuff and picked up cheaper stuff, then handed me a box of tracer ammo that I probably can't use until the next time I visit my uncle on his farm in outer BFE. But it's something cool to look at until then, and pretty nice of him to do so. By the way, there's a second gun store less than 5 blocks away that wanted 300 more than I paid.

I guess the point of that is two fold: Buy the bottom of the best tier the first time, because it's cheaper in the long run than having to replace something junky that broke with what you should have bought in the first place. Though to be fair, S&W usually isn't junk. Second, if you think your gun shop should buy you dinner after you buy something, find a place that wants to bend over for you, instead of the other way around. If you look, you'll find a store that wants repeat business. You may have to be willing to special order the stuff you want, but it's worth that to have a guy wants your business more than he wants to give you the business.
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