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Hornady LNL Progressive, 5.56/.223 and .45 ACP brass catching

I've got a Remington 700 BDL in 300 RUM, a 1911 in .45, and just got an LE6920.

I've always been impressed with the Hornady LNL Ammo Plant ever since I saw a video of the thing on Youtube.

For background on where I'm coming from: My brother introduced me to reloading for the BDL on his single stage though I was observer more than learner so far. So I've got the basic premise, but wouldn't be anywhere near confindent in doing it solo in the right order, let alone safely hit all the steps.

I'm trying to figure out how to reload especially my pistol brass, though figuring out how to catch that stuff is my biggest hurdle there. My ejector throws them practically straight up, so any catcher off to my right would least slightly ineffective, and I'd do better to surround myself with 5 gallon buckets on the floor, the table in my partition, and behind me to the wall practically...

So basically I have a couple questions... has anyone seen any decent brass catching ideas for this sort of situation?

Second, Anyone able to tell me much about the Hornady LNL progressive press/Ammo Plant and how much I'd be able to take advantage of that for 223/5.56 Nato ammo? I've seen some posts elsewhere talking about having to start and stop all the time to oil the cases and what not pretty much invalidating the advantage of the progressie part of the progressive press.
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